Tuesday February 09 , 2016
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OCI System

The OCI automated system does not just send resumes to its Farmers DMs. It sends them leads. OCI contacts all the resumes for the DMs and then follows up with the leads - all 100% turnkey. By the time other DMs are viewing their resumes, the OCI system has already contacted them and scheduled them to receive permanent follow up emails.

The leads that are sent to Farmers DMs are people who are already interested in learning about becoming an Farmers Agent. They are not just resumes that countless other DMs and employers will be contacting as well. OCI leads are those who have contacted the Farmers DM. OCI filters all the chaff from the wheat automatically. When a lead comes from a job board, the lead will include their resume, even if the DM doesn't have a subscription to the job board. Prospects are automatically sent cutting edge emails from the DM immediately after they post their resumes. They then receive follow up emails on a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly basis. These emails link to the Farmers DM's unique, high-end online application. When the prospect fills out the application, it is sent to the Farmers DM as a lead.

OCI Farmers DMs don't just beat everyone else to the punch, they continue to beat them by following up when no one else does. DMs effectively create their own unique database that grows exponentially each month. They monopolize a follow up system using fresh and previous prospects. Many times prospects from many months ago, long after they've taken down their resume from the job boards, end up contacting OCI Farmers DMs. Prospects end up not happy where they end up working, and OCI DMs are there reminding them about the great opportunity of becoming a Farmers Agent.

OCI has also started an integration into the social networking arena. OCI embeds DMs recruiting efforts into sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, StumbleUpon, Digg, etc. This takes the DMs recruiting into a virtual and viral world where it grows organically and exponentially. This newer feature is growing rapidly and will continue to do so.

OCI's newest feature provides a manual entry form for the DM. This allows the DM to enter additional prospects into their database. The DMs just enter the prospects' basic information and the prospects get an automated message immediately. After that, the prospects receive scheduled follow up emails. Some times DMs have additional prospects from supplemental sources (other job boards, basic resume services, job fairs, email lists, etc.). DMs can enter their good prospects from those sources into the OCI system. From that point on, the prospect will be part of the DMs ever-growing automated system.

It is not necessary for the Farmers DM to have their own job board account(s). However, they can be utilized if the DM does have these accounts.

At OCI, we do enforce an exclusivity policy in order to give its Farmers DMs a competitive edge. Territories are rarely available once they're taken (we have waiting lists in most metropolitan areas in California). Usually only the DM leaving Farmers creates an opening. We have not advertised in our six years of doing business with Farmers DMs. We are now offering our service more actively since our home state (California) does not have many open territories. We are looking to branch out of California. We've already expanded into Texas, Washington and a couple other states. We do have some territories in California open due to DMs leaving Farmers. If you are a Californian Farmers DM, please contact us if you'd like to know if you territory is available. Ad-Aid Compliant * Contact us for details

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